How to Create Interesting Solos

So How do you
create coherent & melodic solos?

While there are many ways to analyze a solo, these three elements are an absolute must!

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1. Harmonic Movement as the Foundation for Line-Form Soloing.

Harmonic Moovement

Video PDF info:

Four Types of Contrapuntal Motion:

Here you may download the Six Possible Movements in Harmony for practice reference...

Practice Systems #1


Practice Systems #2


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2. Line Form Connection - Part 1.

Line Form Connection Pt. 1

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3. Line Form Connection - Part 2.

Line Form Connection Pt. 2

Here is a PDF chart of several ii-V-I Guide Tone/Target Tone Examples for reference...

Guide Tones/Target Tones #1


Guide Tones/Target Tones #2


How to fill in the notes between the guide tones...

4. Line Form Connection - Part 3.

Line Form Connection Pt. 3


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